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Google Glasses price $250

Coolsmartphone newsGoogle glassesprice $250. Almost all Internet users would know to google, but did you know google glasses? if you do not know, let's consider the following news about google glasses.

Google is currently conducting a very big step. Google announced an amazing project that has never existed before, the project was named Project Glass. Google Creates a pair of glasses that function Augmented Reality is amazing. Google Glasses are a pair of glasses that function like a smartphone. GoogleGlasses based Android operating system and an increasingly attractive rumored to be available this year.

News about the Glass Project has been much discussed since last February. Now increasingly busy talking after the announcement on Wednesday, April 4 yesterday.
To find out how it works Google has made a video showing how the spectacles with the Android system is working. There is integration of Google Maps and navigation, as well as the ability to take pictures and share them to social networking. apart from that ability to make video calls may also be installed. Other than that this device can be used as a reminder, write and send voice messages via services such as voice-based commands Siri, maps and directions.

Glasses made by Google is also rumored to come with hardware devices such as smartphone. existing hardware on google glasses such as CPU, RAM and storage media.
Besides google glasses also have a 3G or 4G data connection and GPS sensor. GoogleGlasses can also use Google Latitude, Google Goggles and Google Maps.

Google Glasses are expected to be priced between $ 250 to $ 600. But until now there has been no official comment from Google related to Google Glasses prototype rumors.
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